Moroccan Handmade Rugs – An Authentic Moroccan Rug Has a Unique Look

Moroccan Handmade Rugs – An Authentic Moroccan Rug Has a Unique Look

If you have ever wanted to decorate your home in a traditional Moroccan style, one thing you will definitely want to consider is Moroccan handmade rugs. These rugs come from many different regions of Morocco. Most legitimate Moroccan handmade rugs are crafted from 100% pure sheep wool with a few cotton fibers mixed in. Very rarely, you can also find rugs crafted from silk, synthetic fibers, nylon, and other artificial materials. It really depends on the available resources in the area of Morocco and the ability of the local tribes to work with those materials.

Moroccan handmade Rugs

Historically, Moroccan rug makers were able to make these wool rugs by using an old technique called “taaba” or “loofah”. By using a water bucket and a stick to create a circular pattern using the wet wool, the local tribal people would apply this circular pattern onto the floor of their home. Because the rug-maker used a stick instead of water, there was no fear of the stick drying out and becoming damaged during long periods of exposure outdoors. The beauty of the Moroccan rug making process involved the careful application of knots and patterns as a way of adding color and detail to the rugs. The actual Moroccan rug maker would spend many long hours creating the most unique and original rugs possible.

Today, Moroccan handmade rugs can be purchased all over the world. These rugs can be found online at eBay and other websites. You may also find genuine rugs at online auctions for a fraction of their cost. However, if you are going to purchase an authentic Moroccan rug, you should purchase it from a shop where the rug is still made by the traditional craftsmen.

The style of the Moroccan rug will vary depending on the area in which it is being made. The colors and patterns found in authentic Moroccan rugs are very true to the original look of the Berber people that lived in Morocco. They use a variety of colors, but the main colors are black, red, brown and camel. The unique area of the rug may use gold, silver, or clay in the border area of the rugs. This area is quite decorative and adds a sense of interest to any room in which it is placed.

There are two styles of Moroccan area rugs available. They include the flat Area Rug and the round Area Rug. Both styles are constructed from the same wool fibers, but the round area rugs have been woven on a loom to produce the tightly looped and bulked up wool fibers. This makes the area rugs thicker and more durable than the flat wool rugs.

When you are selecting the perfect Moroccan rug for your home or office space, it is important to consider the type of weave the Moroccan rugs were made on. The more natural looking the Moroccan rug is, the more authentic it will be. However, there are some people who believe that certain types of Moroccan carpets can carry a ” Moroccan “look” rather than a “western “look. The more modern Moroccan rugs will normally be made with the latest computerized and automated looms, but the older Moroccan carpets will still be produced by the traditional Moroccan loom.