What is Unique About Moroccan HandWoven Rugs ?

What is Unique About Moroccan HandWoven Rugs?

If you are looking to make a great impression on guests and visitors, you should consider Moroccan handwoven rugs. These handmade rugs have been used for decorating homes and ceremonial areas in the traditional Moroccan way. The Moroccan rugs are made using a process called “distressing”. The process is done by hand, so each Moroccan rug is different, even though similar fibers are used. The rugs are also woven on looms that have been specially made for this purpose.

Moroccan handwoven Rugs

There are many benefits to choosing Moroccan rugs. They are available in many different styles and colors that will go with any color scheme. If you are looking for a large rug, you can choose from the Moroccan wool rugs, or cotton rugs. Both styles will provide the beauty and elegance that you are looking for.

In addition to the beauty of these Moroccan rugs, they also come with other benefits as well. You will find that Moroccan rugs are made with a high knot density. A high knot density can help to prevent the rugs from shrinking or stretching out over time. Another benefit of the high knot density is that it makes the rugs durable. Durability is important when you are considering investment in a product that will be used for long periods of time.

When you are shopping for a Moroccan rug, you may wonder what the whole process looks like. The whole process begins when the fibers are selected. The fibers that are selected are based on a few different things, including the texture that you want, the color that you want, and the size that you want. After the fibers have been selected, the next step of the whole process is to take the wool and pile it into the desired pattern.

Next, the rugs will be laid onto a mat that has been chemically treated with an anti-fence agent. The reason why this is important is because the treatment will prevent the wool from being damaged by acids. Some other chemicals will be used to strengthen the threads, as well. Once the rug has been laid out flat, it will then be covered with a protective plastic sheet. This entire process typically takes about three to four weeks to complete.

When you are looking at Moroccan handwoven rugs, you will find that there are many different types of patterns available. Depending on the nature of the design that you are looking at, there may be a more detailed history about the rugs as well. There is a good selection of colors as well, including greens, blacks, browns, and reds. When you are looking at a rug in this type of material, it is important to consider the character motifs that can be found.