Moroccan Boujaad Rug

Moroccan Boujaad Rug

Moroccan Boujaad rug

Moroccan Boujaad Rugs is a unique breed of luxury bedding. For many years they have been used in the decoration of royalty’s palaces in Morocco. The Moroccan rugs are made from one hundred percent natural materials including wool, silk and cotton. Moroccan rug making techniques have been passed down throughout generations. No two rugs are exactly alike, as each one is a unique creation, made by expert artisans and created to order by the royal families.

The Moroccan rugs are woven on ancient looms by skilled Moroccan artists and designers. This art and craftsmanship are what has made this tradition available to the public. Each rug is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design, and each piece is a classic. There are three main styles that define the Moroccan style of rugs, the Berber, the ogam or the Moleni styles.

The Moroccan boujaad rug is usually crafted from wool; it is then finished with a natural wax. The finish on the rug is highly polished and offers superb resistance to wear and tear. The natural oils from the sheep of the region have been used to protect and prolong the life of the fabric. The texture and colors offered by the Moroccan rugs are timeless classics that will never go out of style.

The Berber is the most popular style of Moroccan team or rug. It is the oldest of the Moroccan rug styles. The oblong shaped rug is crafted by braiding natural fibers woven tightly. They are usually in shades of blue, green and camel and offer a great variety in colors and styles. Some of the most common colors offered include but are not limited to, tan, red, black and white.

The Moroccan ogam or rug is crafted using natural fibers, mostly cotton. This type of Moroccan rug has become very popular throughout Europe and the United States. The natural materials used include wool, silk, jute, sisal, and other fibers woven tightly. These rugs are considered very durable and stand up to the elements for many years.

The style and colors available will vary depending on the manufacturer and the location of the workshop. The Berber is the most popular when it comes to the Moroccan style, this style uses brighter colors that range from ivory to dark browns. These Berber rugs are great in rooms that feature a Mediterranean or Moroccan theme. However they are not as popular in traditional Moroccan settings because of their more conservative colors.