Vintage Moroccan Rugs – The Art Deco Decorating Tradition

Vintage Moroccan Rugs – The Art Deco Decorating Tradition

Vintage Moroccan rugs are known to be some of the most unique rugs ever made. In fact, it is so unique that they are sought after today more than ever before. These rugs are hand crafted from one hundred percent wool, and the colors are usually rich orange and browns. Some may even have unusual and earthy hues. But the main feature of this type of rug is that it is woven on horizontal looms, and it is a completely natural product.

The process of crafting this type of rug is called Moroccan rugs making, which involves knots and weaving, rather than machine sewing. And since it is all natural, there is no need to create borders or even concentrate on the look of the design, as it is completely organic and stands alone in its beauty. While there are some similarities to traditional hand-woven rugs, there are also many differences. This is what makes these vintage Moroccan rugs unique and different.

While there are some similarities, there are also many differences, and one of those differences is the way these vintage Moroccan rugs are created. Whereas traditional Moroccan rugs are woven on horizontal looms, the hand-woven rugs are woven on vertical looms. In fact, the only difference between the two is the length of the rugs, which can be up to three feet longer than the average home rug.

These vintage Moroccan rugs are handmade and made by women who live in the country and not exported from other countries. Most of the women that make them are from the poorer regions of Morocco, where money is tight and there is no extra income to be made by selling artwork. They use their own natural fibers and fabric, such as wool or cotton, to create the rugs. Some have beautiful embroidery done with beads and other decorative items. Some may just use a plain pattern. However, all have beautiful patterns that are unique and have a rich history.

The price of these vintage Moroccan rugs is often high, especially because of the quality of the materials. However, many people who are collectors of this type of home decor are looking for a bargain price, and often will trade higher quality materials in order to get a lower price. If you do decide to purchase an authentic piece, you should keep in mind that authentic Moroccan rugs can take a long time to master. This means that you may have to break in the rug before using it, which will add to the value. You may also want to think about getting a leather patch that can be sewn onto the rug, which will allow you to easily change the design.

These types of home decor are often available at online auction sites. It is important that you do your homework to make sure that you are getting a true Moroccan rug. There are some companies that sell faux-rican rugs that are actually made from polyester and light cotton. These can look almost as good as a Moroccan rug, but they are not authentic and usually do not come with any type of warranty. It is important to make sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing.