Vintage Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite Rouge Rug

One of the best-kept secrets of the furniture and flooring industry is the “Vintage Boucherouite Rug,” which has been around for decades. Most people don’t realize that these rugs were once considered to be the height of fashion for the early 1900s. The reason it is such a mystery to many people is that they think a vintage product is an antique or a very old piece of furniture which has either completely disappeared or is considered rare. The truth of the matter is that any modern-made, high quality area rug can be considered a vintage rug if it properly respects the criteria set forth by the classification system as described below.

While many modern rugs are clearly created using synthetics and man-made materials, the “Vintage Boucherouite Rug” is clearly made from materials that adhere to the original style of furniture and design that was used during the 19th century. A Vintage Berber Rug is just one example of a true vintage rug; others include the Oriental, Persian, Classic and other styles of rugs that have been popular for decades. Many modern manufacturers recognize this fact and have added Vintage styling to their lines.

A big reason that Modern furniture makers refer to their work as vintage is because of its style. There is a uniqueness that only comes with older, traditional styled furniture pieces. It’s easy to mimic the design of the older furniture without the unique look of its origins. The modern material used in the making of any given piece can be changed quite easily, but it wouldn’t make sense to take an existing pattern and change all of the other parts of the rug to match. The unique look that comes with an authentic antique-styled rug simply would not work in most modern designs.

The reason why contemporary-style flooring materials aren’t always considered authentic is due to the way the material was manufactured. Back then, people were more concerned with saving money. They would buy the cheapest materials possible and save the best materials for furniture. Even when they could have gotten the best materials for their flooring project they wouldn’t do it due to the cost and time involved. When you buy a contemporary styled rug today it still has the same look and feel of the originals, but with modern construction techniques and materials. Modern materials are more durable, efficient, and easier to work with than they were twenty years ago.

Another reason why furniture designers don’t consider this type of flooring is because they haven’t seen the unique cuts that are made during the dying process. The unique cut is what makes the rug unique. It also gives texture to the material, something that you can’t find in other types of flooring. A typical carpet cut doesn’t have as much texture as a Boucherous rouge rug, and therefore it is much less likely to snag or tear on your furniture.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to remodel your room, consider using this type of traditional Moroccan design rug. It will add a bit of the old world charm to your home without spending a fortune. Plus, it is so easy to care for and clean. You won’t have to worry about it wearing down to fast or needing repairs due to wear and tear. Just bring it out for a pick-me-up and it’ll look like new!