Moroccan Rugs: An Elegant Home Decor

Moroccan Rugs: An Elegant Home Decor

Moroccans have handwoven wool rugs as well as woven baskets and other textile products. Beni Ourain rugs come from the plains of Morocco and are known for their high quality and unique designs. Moroccan rugs are also known as shaggy rugs or mountain rugs. They are woven from different types of natural fibers including ramie fabric, cotton, and silk.


The term Moroccan rugs can also be used to refer to any Oriental carpet which is hand woven using cotton, wool or silk. This rug is created by expert Moroccans and they do it on a commercial scale. They are not mass produced in factories. Although these rugs can be expensive, they are considered luxurious possessions.


These rugs cannot be classified as Oriental carpets. Oriental carpets are made from wool. Moroccan rugs are handwoven from different types of natural fibers including ramie fabric, cotton, and silk. The word Moroccan refers to the North African nation of Morocco. It has long been a mainstay nation in the world’s rug industry.


Most people believe that Moroccan rugs were invented in the 11th century. However, this is not true. A descendent of the Beni Ourain rug is named Beni Usheer. The first Moroccan rug was found in the cemetery at Jbel Toubkal.


A Moroccan rug may be made of wool, silk, or a mixture of the two. The material used is more important than what type of drug it is made of. For instance, a wool pile would be considered a fine Moroccan rug. But a wool pile would not make a good textile for most domestic use. The rugs are available in many different styles.


The rugs can be used to cover entrances, doors, windows, and floors. They add an elegant touch to the home. The price varies according to the quality and the size of the rug. There are many online stores where one can purchase these rugs. They are very reasonable priced and anyone can afford them. If you are looking for a perfect home accent, then consider adding a Moroccan rug to your home.


The best way to get a good deal on the Moroccan rugs is to compare the prices offered by various online stores. There are some sellers who offer great prices, but there are also some who are slightly cheaper. Before you make the final decision, do your homework. Compare the prices and choose the one that suits your needs the best.


When it comes to maintenance, most people are unaware of the simple things that they need to do to keep their rugs clean. If you give your rig a good cleaning once in a while, then there is no reason why it cannot last for years to come. You just have to take care when you clean the rugs. Do not use harsh chemicals as these will cause fading. Try to dry the rugs with a towel and air dry them. Once they are totally dry, you can put them in the sun for a few days which will speed up the drying process.


As a true decorative piece, a Moroccan rug can add a lot of style and class to your home. It would definitely be worth the money spent on getting one. However, make sure you purchase a good quality rug from a reputable dealer. With a little maintenance, you can extend the life span of your rug.

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