What You Need To Know About Moroccan Carpets

Beautifully pleasing, visually colorful, and rich in symbolic meaning, Berber Rugs has long been one of a type. There are several different kinds of Moroccan Rugs on the market today. The basis for each variety comes from their source in North Africa. But before delve into the technicalities on each type, let’s learn a bit more on the Moroccan Area Rugs first. Once you get to know these, you will surely fall in love with them.

The people of Morocco produce the finest Beni Ourain rugs in the world

These are hand-woven rugs made by people of Morocco. Unlike most designs in this genre which uses only one color for the weaving, geometric designs are applied to many weaves. A typical example of this is the Shawrama rug, which has bold, geometrical designs which are elegantly presented on the surface. They are intricately designed and expertly crafted by skilled artisans who are members of the Berber tribe of Morocco.

This kind of carpet is usually less expensive compared to other types of Moroccan rugs. And a lot of craftsmanship goes into its production. There is no uniform pattern on azilas, as they are handmade. It is because of this reason that different Berber tribal artisans create different designs, each of which carries its own significance and is therefore uniquely distinct.

Beni Ourain, They symbolize Moroccan culture and the rich history that it entails.

In terms of color and design, there are various types of designs available. One can get the traditional shade of black and you can also find variations in between, like blue or green Moroccan rugs. If you want a totally contrasting interior design with dark brown or black colors, then you can also choose from among the white animal rug. Some of these are made with silver colored threads and are used as wall tapestries.

You can buy Moroccan rugs online. Several online stores sell excellent quality rugs at competitive prices. You may even find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, if you search the internet carefully. Several companies specialize in the sale of Moroccan carpets. Choose a company that has been in business for several years and has plenty of satisfied customers.

If you want something handmade, then you should definitely go for the hand woven Moroccan carpets. Handmade carpets last longer than machine-made ones. People who love to decorate their homes with handmade home accessories often use these area rugs as wall hangings. These handmade home decors have a distinctive beauty.

Homeowners sometimes prefer to use these Moroccan rugs on the floor because they are softer. These types of area rugs are perfect for use in home bathrooms and kitchen as well. These types of Moroccan rugs look great as accent rugs for walkways or even living rooms. The best part about these types of carpets is that you can take them to other countries and place them as wall tapestries. It is interesting to know that many homeowners prefer to have handmade Moroccan carpets rather than machine made ones because they make a home more beautiful.

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